MANDARINO VERDE: A Year-Round Fragrance Delight

Break away from the seasonal fragrance norms with MANDARINO VERDE, a scent that truly transcends the calendar. This perfume blends the crisp zest of mandarin peel with the soothing essence of green tea, crafting a scent that's perfect not only for the festive winter season but also for everyday freshness throughout the year. The vibrant top notes of bergamot and mandarin are seamlessly integrated with green tea, while the heart of the fragrance—rich with black currant and musk—adds a compelling depth. A base of sandalwood and galbanum ensures that MANDARINO VERDE stays with you all day long, proving its mettle as a staple in any perfume collection.


Versatility Across Seasons: Ideal for any time of the year, MANDARINO VERDE brings a refreshing touch to your daily attire.
Exceptional Longevity: Stands out with its ability to linger on the skin all day, despite its breezy, light notes.
Gender-Neutral Appeal: Perfectly suited for both men and women, this fragrance celebrates the true harmony of scents.
Everyday Companion: The lightness and freshness make it an ideal daily wear fragrance.
If you're in the market for a fresh perfume, MANDARINO VERDE is a must-consider.

MANDARINO VERDE is more than just a fragrance; it's a reflection of a world where every day is an opportunity for new discoveries. It helps you find your signature scent that will delight you year-round, evoking memories of life's finest moments. Inspired by beauty and freshness, MANDARINO VERDE will be a loyal companion on your journey through the world of fragrances, proving that true beauty knows no seasonal bounds.

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