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Mango perfume. Buy milk shake perfume - MANGO MILK SHAKE | Fantasy Community Perfumes


30 ml
Buy MANGO MILK SHAKE - fruity and floral perfumes (orange blossom scented perfume). πŸ‘ Perfume similar to Mango skin β–Ί Experience the harmonious blend of sweet floral perfumes infused with the scent of mango and milkshake, accented by delicate notes of orange blossom. πŸ‘ Premium Niche Perfume Boutique - Fantasy Community Perfumes β–Ί Delivery across the USA.


Mango Milk Shake by Fantasy Community Perfumes: A Blend of Tropical Indulgence and Sultry Elegance

In 2022, Fantasy Community Perfumes unveiled a new fragrance sensation, "Mango Milk Shake," crafted in the USA. This unisex perfume, belonging to the Fruity and Citrus fragrance families, is a delightful concoction that captures the essence of tropical sweetness and musky sophistication.

A Vibrant and Sweet Beginning

Mango Milk Shake opens with an invigorating burst of top notes, featuring the zesty aroma of orange and the luscious sweetness of mango, complemented by the delicate floral scent of violet. This combination creates a refreshing and sweetly enticing introduction, reminiscent of a tropical paradise. The orange adds a tangy freshness, while the mango brings a rich, creamy depth, and the violet introduces a subtle floral touch, setting the stage for an olfactory experience that is both vibrant and alluring.

A Heart of Exotic Florals and Creamy Bliss

At its heart, Mango Milk Shake reveals a captivating blend of ylang-ylang and frangipani, mingled with the distinct aroma of mango flower and a creamy milky essence. This heart is a sensual journey into the exotic, where the seductive ylang-ylang and the lush frangipani create a floral paradise. The mango flower reinforces the tropical theme, and the milky note adds a comforting, creamy layer that perfectly embodies the essence of a mango milkshake.

A Base of Depth and Sophistication

As the fragrance settles, it reveals a base rich in complexity and allure. The intriguing combination of clove, red wine, musk, and civet creates a base that is both sultry and unforgettable. The clove adds a spicy warmth, while the red wine imparts a rich, velvety depth. The musk provides a sensual undertone, and the civet adds an animalistic edge, giving the fragrance a bold and distinctive finish.

Versatility in Presentation and Appeal

Mango Milk Shake is available in 30 ml sizes, offering options for every preference. Whether you choose the miniature version for its convenience, the standard size for regular indulgence, or the tester to explore its unique allure, each format reflects the fragrance's versatility and appeal.

A Niche Fragrance for the Adventurous

As a niche cosmetic product, Mango Milk Shake stands out in the world of perfumery. Its unique blend of fruity, floral, and musky notes creates a scent that is both adventurous and elegant, appealing to both women and men who dare to be different.


Mango Milk Shake by Fantasy Community Perfumes is a fragrance that epitomizes the perfect balance of tropical indulgence and sultry elegance. Its combination of citrus, floral, and musky notes creates a scent experience that is fresh, confident, and irresistibly alluring. Ideal for those who seek a unique fragrance that makes a lasting impression, Mango Milk Shake is a testament to the artistry and innovation of Fantasy Community Perfumes. Indulge in the delightful Mango Milk Shake and let it transport you to a world of tropical bliss and sophisticated charm.

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Mango perfume. Buy milk shake perfume - MANGO MILK SHAKE | Fantasy Community Perfumes

Mango perfume. Buy milk shake perfume - MANGO MILK SHAKE | Fantasy Community Perfumes

30 ml