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Tobacco perfume. Buy woody vanilla perfume - SPICY SPICES | Fantasy Community Perfumes


30 ml
β–Ί Buy SPICY SPICES - tobacco vanille perfume (woody fragrances). πŸ‘ Perfume similar to tom ford tobacco vanille β–Ί Experience the harmonious blend of warm and spicy perfume with woody vanilla aromas, complemented by notes of cigarettes and tobacco. πŸ‘ Premium Niche Perfume Boutique - Fantasy Community Perfumes β–Ί Delivery across the USA.


Spicy Spices by Fantasy Community Perfumes: A Journey Through Exotic Aromas

In 2022, Fantasy Community Perfumes unveiled "Spicy Spices," a fragrance that encapsulates the essence of opulence and mystery. Produced in the USA, this unisex perfume belongs to the Oriental and Spicy fragrance families, offering a luxurious blend of aromas that evoke the richness of exotic locales.

An Inviting Opening of Warmth and Spice

Spicy Spices opens with the intriguing top notes of tobacco leaves and an assortment of spices. This initial combination is warm and inviting, with the tobacco leaves providing a rich, slightly smoky aroma and the spices adding depth and intensity. The result is a captivating opening that immediately piques the interest and invites further exploration.

A Heart of Rich Indulgence

As the scent unfolds, it reveals a heart where sweet and soothing notes come to the forefront. The blend of cinnamon, vanilla, cocoa, tobacco flower, and honey creates a heart that is rich and indulgent. Cinnamon adds a warm, spicy touch, while vanilla and cocoa bring a creamy, comforting sweetness. The tobacco flower introduces a subtle floral note, and honey adds a natural, smooth sweetness. This combination of heart notes creates a sense of luxury and warmth.

A Deep and Earthy Base

The journey of Spicy Spices concludes with base notes of woody aromas and peppermint. The woody notes provide a deep, earthy foundation, grounding the fragrance and adding a sense of lasting depth. Peppermint introduces a refreshing, cool contrast to the warmth of the earlier notes, giving the fragrance a unique and memorable finish.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Spicy Spices is available in 30 ml sizes, ensuring there is an option for every preference. Whether you opt for the miniature version for its convenience, the standard size for daily use, or the tester to explore its unique aroma, each format is designed to suit different needs.

A Niche Fragrance for the Bold and Adventurous

As a niche cosmetic product, Spicy Spices stands out in the crowded world of fragrances. Its unique blend of tobacco, spices, sweet and woody notes makes it a bold and sophisticated choice for both men and women. It's perfect for those who are drawn to luxurious and indulgent scents that transport them to a world of exotic and mystical aromas.


Spicy Spices by Fantasy Community Perfumes is more than just a fragrance; it's an olfactory adventure through a world of warmth, sweetness, and depth. Its combination of tobacco, spices, sweet notes, and woody aromas creates a scent experience that is both bold and sophisticated. Ideal for those seeking a luxurious and captivating fragrance, Spicy Spices is a testament to the artistry and creativity of Fantasy Community Perfumes. Embrace the allure of Spicy Spices and let it transport you to an exotic realm of sensory delight.

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Tobacco perfume. Buy woody vanilla perfume - SPICY SPICES | Fantasy Community Perfumes

Tobacco perfume. Buy woody vanilla perfume - SPICY SPICES | Fantasy Community Perfumes

30 ml